Matt Smith is the Doctor!

Matt Smith has been officially confirmed as the Eleventh Doctor! Visit to view all the details about his casting!

Eleventh Doctor Revealed Tomorrow

The Eleventh Doctor is to be revealed tomorrow on BBC One during a Doctor Who Confidential Special focusing on all 10 Incarnations of the Doctor!

Whovian Corner Partnership

Today we have formed a brilliant and exciting new partnership with Whovian Corner! Click on this link to go to Whovian Corner!

GSG2DWS5 Rumour Policy

We have decided to lay down our rules on Rumours and Potential Spoilers regarding Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Here at GSG2DWS5 we run a Strict No Rumours/Spoilers Policy. Any 'suggestions' from Tabloids or Internet Forums regarding Episodes, Casting or Filming is strictly not tollerated. We reserve the right to remove comments from posts and lock our cBox if we deem neccessary.

We only post full OFFICIAL news or statements from the BBC Official Sites, or the BBC Press Office, or 2|Entertain and Character Options regarding Merchandise. Obviously it is fun to speculate but we dont see it neccessary to 'spam' our site, when we have a Forum for those types of rumours and suggestions or even spoilers.

If you'd like to view the Forum click on:

Thank you,

GSG2DWS5 Manager

Coming Up:

New Weekly Segment on whats coming up from the Doctor Who Universe this weekend.

Saturday 8th November - Sarah Jane Adventures: Secrets of the Stars Part 2: CBBC (Repeat)
Saturday 8th November - Torchwood: A Day in the Death: BBC HD (Repeat)

Tennant Leaving Doctor Who

David Tennant has officially confirmed he shall leave Doctor Who after filming four specials for 2009. After winning best drama performance at the National Television Awards 2008, he spoke on a large screen during an interval at the Royal Shakespeare Production of Hamlet. You can see a full interview with David Tennant below, as well as the moment he shocked the nation at the Royal Albert Hall.

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Next SJA Episode (UK)

Next SJA Episode (UK)
The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith - Part 2 - BBC One - Monday 1st December - 4.35pm

Next Sarah Jane Adventures Episode (CBBC)

Next Sarah Jane Adventures Episode (CBBC)
Enemy of the Bane - Part 1 - CBBC Channel - Monday 1st December - 5.15pm

Next Torchwood Episode (UK)

Next Torchwood Episode (UK)
Torchwood - Series 3 - Children of Earth - Spring 2009